Fifth World Paganism

In the Pagan world there were four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The last element, Spirit, was also known as the Fifth Element, and this is where the word "quintessential" comes from. The Spirit element holds the basic four together.
Where the Pagan pentacle held together the Pagan Elements, the Basic Four plus the Fifth Element, the Fifth World pentacle holds together the Theta Elements, which stand for: Terra, Hydro, Electro, Techno, and Agro. These elements are necessary for sovereign families, so they are essential to family independence. The star on the right is known as the Theta Star.
Paganism is all about 5 elements. Fifth World Paganism, is all about the Cesidian Basic Elements, or the 8 Bathetic Elements. The Bathetic elements are the 5 Theta Elements, plus the Bank, Info, and Credo elements. While the Theta Elements are necessary to family sovereignty, the Bathetic Elements are necessary for national sovereignty. The star on the right is known as the Bathetic Star. Thus Fifth World Paganism is represented by both the Theta and Bathetic Stars.